Yet Another tech blog

In my day-to-day activities of fighting evil, feeding the hungry and trying to make the world a better place I do some coding. How my time is divided between each activity I wouldn’t like to say. But when it comes to coding I’ll be honest and admit I don’t know everything. Quite often I have to turn to my friend Google for assistance. I seem to spend as much time reading other people’s personal musings on technology as I do any official documentation. The quality of people’s technology blogs is pretty varied, to say the least. Some are excellent, pioneering, golden examples of what a technology has to offer. Others are a complete and utter worthless pile of crap and I wonder why they took the time to write something (and waste my time reading).┬áSome people have more free time than intelligence I guess.

In an effort to add something of worth to this vast worldwide internet I have decided to start this blog (if other people insist on adding their thoughtless tripe to the internet then why can’t I add my own).